Friday, February 4, 2011

A twisted mind

Come and see the inner workings of a twisted mind.  I can only talk to myself when I'm sure others can't hear.  And when sharing with myself, it's not really sharing.  Projecting other personalities isn't a stretch, but at this point they don't yet exist.   A blog.  The birth of a love child is upon us.  The bastard spawn of an apathetic will and mild encouragement is now here.  For the sake of any who may be unfortunate enough to let their eyes stray and even linger on this portrait, I will spoon feed the twisted bits as bits and mega bits through the blogosphere.  And I disregard squiggly red lines.

So there's a lot and nothing going on right now.  There is not, nor has there been any coherent ascension for a time.  Hence the name, Portrait of a life in free fall.  This is a snap shot of what's rattling around.  Or what's oozing, or otherwise existing in an overactive mind.  We'll have time to go over the mirror's instruction, that is the instruction given to the mirror.  Perhaps stream of consciousness rantings on sleepless nights will be there for the offing.  There's even an outside chance that something profound could be uttered.  In all likelihood, no one will have any idea what I'm talking about.  I rarely do.

But, the highlight of my week is coming tomorrow, when I will join two lovely new friends in a jam session, the likes of which will likely never be equaled.  The percussive instruments will be devastated.  By Dev.  And one of the available keyboards WILL be manipulated by the lovely and talented Vanessa.  Perhaps the teacher will even become the student.  If my technical faculties spontaneously generate, I may even get a recording of what's happening.  So there will be no recording.  Another wisp of brilliance will dissipate into the ether, remaining only as an etching in our minds.  So be it.

I can tolerate being the lone purveyor and patron of my thoughts, as it's standard, for a time.  But not too long.  I have some cool friends with blogs and would like not only to get my readership up, but theirs as well.  I've heard for the longest time about my bs being beyond standard and at times entertaining.  Put your mouse fingers where your mouth goes is, and read.  I'll keep it as short as I can and write as often as time permits.  Any prompt given will be considered, but I doubt there will be any problems thinking of new stuff to run my mouth about.


Peter Anderson said...

i cant believe this day is upon us! ive waited a long time for you, sir. time for the world to be let inside that electric storm of yours. yes! well played.

David Fernandes Jr. said...

Blog Vultron.

Cwatts said...

Are you still dunk Art? What the hell is a vultron?

David Fernandes Jr. said...

the cartoon son. Where the robot cats form a giant mega robot that just destroys shit. Plug in.

Cwatts said...

Ya. It's Voltron, and it's up there. You plug in. Maybe is you left your comments in the right post, we could get this sorted out. How has no one commented on Po flo Jenkins?