Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love 101 and being better

The trifecta of wisdom is Jesus, Socrates, and Bloomfield.  I say this frivolously as Jesus is Wisdom, but parallel to His teachings, there is some dove-tailing.  Jesus' greatest commandment was to love, and to love in a way that seems counter intuitive to the world.  Not only are we to love those who love us, which is quite easy, but also our enemies.  Socrates, who claimed to be ignorant in all things made an exception when it came to love.  Basically, do it.  And Bloomer said , "you're either getting better or you're getting worse, Watts."  Sage wisdom on all counts.

When reflecting, as I often do, I considered these concepts and commandments.  I thought about myself and where I really am in an existential sense.  I consider myself to be a likable guy in many ways, and someone who makes friends easily.  On the other hand, I also rub people the wrong way at times and can be quite abrasive.  It occurred to me that the things people like about me and being around me are the things that are reflective of love.  And the things that aren't appreciated are more reflective of a selfish nature.

The Bible says that love is patient, kind, slow to anger, doesn't keep a record of wrongs, is not prideful and doesn't boast.  Et cetera.  One of the most likable, if not the most likable person I know is Jahsh Brown.  He told me sometime in the early 90's about his advice to a friend of his who was trying to make friends in a new school.  Jahsh said to his friend to be nice to people.  His friend, Matt, quickly reported how amazed he was at this technique's success.  2 for 2 with being kind.

Socrates' suggested a place that was comprised totally of 'lovers and darlings'.  In such a place, where people were involved exclusively with people whom they cared about, the thought experiment showed that there would be total po flow.  It's hard to imagine it being otherwise.  People are hesitant to embarrass themselves in front of those they care about with ugly displays of un-love.  And people are ashamed when they let down those they care about.  While it seems impossible to create such a place, it is also obvious that if people were inclined to decide to love everyone, then there would be a trend toward this same tendency.

In my life, there is room to increase the love.  According to the wisdom of Bloomfield, we are either getting better or worse at this.  I decide to be better.  Acting in a loving way is always the right thing to do.  This doesn't mean that one should be irritating in fake love, always exuding a million watt smile.  Rather, we should be thoughtful and sincere in everything we do.  I want to be thoughtful in everything I do.  My mom taught me to be this way, mostly in her actions and the lessons that were embedded in so many of our conversations.  I choose to be more so.  I choose to love the way the King loved.  And when I don't, I choose to dust off and start over again, being more like the King.

There is a practical component to this as well.  When acting in a loving way, responses of un-love by others becomes laughable.  We feel good when doing loving things, even if they are under appreciated.  For instance, when opening a door for someone out of the goodness of your heart, even if they don't say thank you, the response isn't bitterness as much as "wow, don't mention it buddy".  I ask for everyone to join me in being more loving and making the world better.  I know you guys are already loving, and I respect you for it.  Let us be even more conscious of our loving nature and embrace it's goodness for goodness' sake.


Peter Anderson said...

thata baby. i love love. when you smile the world smiles back at you. or something.

thats some po flo ish.

good job on the video embed, too. your skills, improving they are.

Cwatts said...

thank you shifu. Porn star has gotten pretty good reviews so far, btw. What do you got on rocket scientistry? I thought that was one of the funniest gags in movie history.