Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Drop it!"

Easily one of the sweetest movie trilogies ever.  Just tongue in cheek at every turn.  This clown robs a donut shop and somehow misses the 66 cops eating donuts there.  Awesome!  So, to that extent I can see Detroit's desire to put up a statue of Robocop.  Oh, if you didn't know, there's some talk about putting a statue of Robocop in Detroit.

On the other hand, the real hand, I gotta tell the Motor city to pump the brakes.  Someone compared it to the statue of Rocky in Philly.  Not really.  Rocky was a beloved character who excelled at a Philly past-time, the left hook.  Robocop was immersed in a charicature of a charicature of Detroit.  Does anyone remember the shit show that Detroit was in Robocop?  Complete pandemonium.  There were freaking ninja robot bad guys and flying robot cops, and people didn't get merely high in post apocalyptic Detroit, they got nuked.  There were just roving bands of bad guys running roughshod over the city.  Robocop didn't solve the crime or even slow it down much.  Otherwise, there would have been no 2 and 3.  And they could keep going ad infinitum because Robocop just patches it up.

I'm just looking out for you , Detroit.  Robocop was sweet, but not exactly what you want to be remembered for.  Unless you can employ the city to make flat black sedans to sell to Japan's ninja robots, or turn the foreclosed homes into figurine factories, you might want to back off the robocop thing.  With Robocop world as Detroit, and Robocop himself being a fiction, all you really have is a city in free fall with no chance of escape.  Why don't you see if Barry Sanders will lend his likeness for a small fee and maybe hire him as, I don't know, Mayor.  Or, see if you can whip up a hover car.  That might sell.


David Fernandes Jr. said...

Where can I score some nuke bro?

Cwatts said...

"Kaaaanne!" That's the bad guy that sells it.