Saturday, February 5, 2011

He-Man and the masters of my nights

It would seem that it's easier to make good on the insomniatic rantings than I might have expected.  I disregard squiggly red lines.  What everyone needs to know is that Qubo is awesome.  Awesome I tell you.  Most of you don't know what Qubo is, and if you do, you shouldn't.  Ok, you should.  But only because I've now told you.  I don't think there is a channel surfer alive, no matter how prolific, who could stumble upon this gem in any circumstance other than the one I find myself in.  Free fall.  No cable TV.  Did anyone know that they put decimal points on channels now and had like 29.3?  Well 29.2 is Qubo.  Totally non-existent in high def, and buried like Solomon's treasure in the standard def channels.  I couldn't even find it when I was looking.  Anyway, it's awesome!

Uhh, first of all, He-Man is on for an hour at 9pm.  That's ballgame right there.  But She-Ra is on for another hour at 10pm.  Now, I know we might have big leagued her when we were young, but it's legit.  Do they stop there?  What do you think?  Nope, we got Bravestarr for you guessed it, an hour!  And I have to tell you, the cartoon chicks in 80s cartoons are inappropriately hot, with inappropriately revealing outfits.  I'm not complaining or endorsing it.  Just a fact.

As if that weren't enough, Ghostbusters is on after that.  For an hour.  This isn't "The Real Ghostbusters", with Slimer and those rejects, but the original.  Ironically, it isn't the original that's called the real whatever.  Then, there's this Ren and Stimpy knockoff that's all the great taste and only half the calories.  Well, it's caloric content is probably the same, but the show is legit.  Then, at 2 am, there is Sitting Ducks, which is about a duck and an alligator that are friends.  Ok, so that might not sound great, but it's good.

At 3 am, Qubo and I part company because the Outer Limits is on at 3 am on 58.2.  You gotta kinda lay in the weeds for an hour with that.  The reason for sitting through the antediluvian is simple.  Heathcliff comes on at 4 am on 58.2.  It might seem like an insignificant responsibility, but sometimes I count ceiling tiles and become preoccupied.  A few times I didn't catch Heathcliff until the Catillac cats were doing their thing.  Frustration like this is hard to duplicate.

But with the theme song comes renewal.  His orange fur is my sun climbing over the horizon.  Ahhh.  But the sunrise is still a few hours away, more proximate in time to Inspector Gadget's arrival at 5 am.

If there was any doubt, the free fall should now be clear.  In fact, there may be a JATO assist helping me reach depths that would have crushed Ed Harris even while breathing red water.  While ironic sounding, I was being totally serious about the Qubo Night Owl firing me up.  Cartoons dominated in the 80's.  Fact.  If they mixed in some Voltron and GI Joe and Transformers...That could get ugly.  Looks like the Jam is gonna get a sleep deprived dub.  I've got 5 hours combined the last two days with a maximum 5 tonight/this morning if I fall asleep now.


Peter Anderson said...

"You gotta kinda lay in the weeds for an hour with that". im dying, meat. tears. great stuff. the catillacs? c'mon.

Cwatts said...

I'm glad you liked that. Hope the portrait is coming into focus.