Monday, February 21, 2011


If there were any lingering questions about my immaturity, let them be put to rest.  After hearing about some guy who created the Disney afternoon form a blog post by my man Deej, I made a bee line for Hulu.  Searched Ducktales.  No dice.  Fine.  Youtube.  Boom, there it is.  Episode one part one.  Apparently, I am now on episode 8.  Without even blinking and no end in sight.  I'm a thirty year old man just loving cartoons.

Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  When I was a little kid, my dad loved watching cartoons as much as I did.  Our favorite was Bugs and Tweety.  Channel 13 at ten am Saturday mornings.  Count it.  I don't think anyone ever accused my dad of being overly mature.  Or even adequately mature.  In fact, looking back, he was a bearded 11 year old with a foul mouth.  And completely awesome.

I'm not making any judgments about this character trait, good or bad.  It takes all kinds.  I do judge anyone who doesn't like Bugs Bunny.  And I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Bugs bunny.  Nor do I respect anyone who doesn't like "Back to the Future".  Getting a little off track here, but if you don't like "Weekend at Bernie's (shout out to Jahsh Brown's favorite movie in fourth grade)", then there is something wrong.  Not sure what the point is, but I've apparently watched 4 hours of Ducktales without batting an eye.  So, say what you will.  I am at this point vulnerable to any scrutiny that brings judgment and even condemnation on my functionality as an adult.  That these cartoons are awesome is a foundational truth and not open for debate.  Duck Tales, whoo-ooh!


Peter Anderson said...

without the sunglasses, weekend at bernies woulda been a really creepy horror movie.

Cwatts said...