Friday, February 11, 2011

I've got the power

With talk of coffee sludge, dime bags of meth, and extreme bruhs, thought I'd post an old favorite.  Don't know about you, but feeling uncomfortably energetic is what I shoot for at all times.  Whether sleeping uncomfortably cause I'm too energetic, or just chasing people around the grocery store with a paper sack over my head, wielding a box of aluminum foil, extra energy is extra sweet.  Maybe I should hit up an Herbal Life meeting so I can score some cracka seltzer. 

Then again, I could probably just go across the street and score some real crack from one of those hookers or her pimp.  Hella funny.  This guy across the street meets about 3 dudes an hour, who all wear dark shades and trench coats with their collars turned up and is always looking over his shoulder like "nothing to see here.  Just family from out of town popping in for thirty minutes at a time."  And so I see him one day and bs him for a minute, and totally unsolicited, he's like "man they say I'm runnin hoes up in hea.  These broads is hard headed.  You can't get them to do nuffin!"  I was like, "uhh, you kinda sound like you're pimpin right now bud, with 'these hoes gotta learn man!'"  And he was like, "you aint no square is you?"  And I was like "guess not."

So, school is for squares.  These hoes gotta learn and pimpin ain't easy.  And being uncomfortably energetic is the bees knees.


David Fernandes Jr. said...

hahahaha! Watch out for Louis man. I don't trust that sneaky crack peddling feind.

Cwatts said...

that's hella funny that you know exactly who I'm talking about. that conversation happened too. Grandma Jeri gave me the heads up "I don't know what they are doing over there. I think they might have some girls working downstairs. Like prostitutes or something". And then I saw the dude and he pre-empted me with the exact conversation I put up there. Good times. BTW, your blog dominates.