Saturday, June 2, 2012

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The freezer ghost, who the ice wench named Tom, or claimed to have been told was named tom, just won't quit.  Is it possible that I see someone walking away from the doorway literally ten to twenty times a night and he isn't there?  Is that even possible?  I've seen enough ghost movies to know that these guys like to make their presence known, but with subtlety.  Well, apart from the poltergeists, I mean.  And I'm glad Tom is on that smooth mellow walk the halls vibe.  I really am.

I'm a bit hesitant to make the request, but I almost wish he'd punch the clock like everyone else.  You know, like the Wile E Coyote cartoons when he tried to steal sheep from the sheep dog?  "Hello Sam."  "Morning Fred."  And then they go at it.  Only here it would be like, "Hey Corey, I'm gonna do some light haunting until around 0 three hundred, ok?  So, don't be alarmed.  It's just me.  And I'm an ethereal spirit kinda thing, so I'm not gonna make off with your piano when You aren't looking."  Then he'd give me the finger gun mock shoot like Fonzie and we'd be cool.  Maybe I'd say something like, "Ya, ok Tom.  Listen, uh, if you wouldn't mind doing me a favor I'm gonna be listening to some Tunes for a little while.  Could you come haunt me if the alarm goes off?"

That is cooperation folks.  But I really feel like we're working at cross purposes here.  Like half the time I see him, I make rounds on the boat and give that cursory night watch scrutiny.  Oh, and I figured out what the deal with the Katie Ann and her military history is.  Alleged...military history.  She was built for the Navy to be the first Navy Trawler.  I guess to feed the sailors.  I don't think the plan panned out though.  That is the story as told by Joe, the oiler as he heard it from chief.  So, wherever Tom came from, he's lurking.

Now, I don't believe in ghosts.  But I don't not believe in them either.  I'm not gonna let my pre-conceived notions hinder any assimilation of evidence.  I guess I'm a skeptic becoming less skeptical.  And there is a freaking raccoon lurking too.  It's gonna be like Caddyshack pretty soon.  I'll play Bill Murray to a tee.  It's too bad they don't make pipes in a 34.5 inch Louisville Slugger C243 model.  I'll have to make do with the assorted random stuff around the boat for my traps and whatnot.   "Cinderella story.  He lines up the coon, and oh it's twenty yards into the Smith Cove water hazard for the raccoon.  Exemplary shot by the unknown Corey Watts."  Something like that.


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