Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mute buttons

This boat.  Let me tell ya.  The galley guy, who's culinary skills are on par with a hot dog vendor at a baseball game was being annoying today.  He may not have known it, but sometimes it's in the not knowing that makes it so annoying.  The chief and I were talking in the galley for a minute and all of the sudden this guy is screaming in spanish.  I'm sure it would have been slightly less annoying if it were English, but the volume level was at an 11.  Guy could have been singing Mariachi death metal with that stuff.

So I asked the engineer, because he's so handy and technical, "So have you made a mute button for that yet?" and I gestured with my hand toward Jaime.  Without missing a beat, he goes, "They're all over the boat.  They're called fire axes."  I'm sorry if I shouldn't be talking about this on a public forum, but that's hilarious.  It's not like anyone cares what I say anyway.  But seriously, that's going in the movie.  It's gonna be hard to re-create the effortless timing of the exchange, but we'll make do.

We're starting to crowd up a bit.  Even old 'yellow fin' himself showed up last night.  I guess mama is coming tomorrow and some others are starting to file in.  Word on the street is that there's a new captain and mate coming aboard.  It looks like the wind of change is blowing.  This dream boat is gonna start getting real real soon.  I'm about ready to head out to sea.  Get some fish on here and make some money.  I kinda need some new material too.  We need to get crewed up so I can write a few more scenes.  Supposedly, there are gonna be a lot more all stars here this season.  I don't know how I feel about that.  These guys underwhelmed me last season.  And that's being really nice about it. 

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