Sunday, June 24, 2012


In addition to Serbian plants, there are Polish guys named Jozef (Yo-sef).  It isn't easy to talk to Jozef because of a bit of a language barrier.  But he tried.  And in the midst of this Borat-like monologue I heard "and was take by gypsy".  Ah.  That perked my ears up.  So then I started listening.

There was still no chance of understanding anything he said.  But I asked, thinking this may have been in the old country, 'In what city did this occur?'  After asking a few more times and communicating something coherent he told me 'Seattle'.  Hmm.  I wasn't aware of any gypsies in Seattle.

I guess some 'gypsies' came and stole his buddy's car stereo?  Maybe?  It's like I always say, you gotta be heads up for those gypsies.    They'll take your car stereo in a second.  Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that someone I actually was talking to used the term 'gypsy' to describe a person and was being totally serious?  I'd go through at least a hundred other things before I came up with gypsy.  I may even exhaust my entire lexicon without it occurring to me that 'gypsy' is a thing.

Oh, and in other news.  My Serbian bud showed me the Wikopedia on his oldest brother today.  It starts, "Veselin Vukotic is a Montenegrin criminal and hitman."  That's how you get a party started right there.  \m/ all day.  I asked, 'But is he a nice guy?' and Danilo said 'Ya.  Pretty nice.  But ruthless.'  I just bet.  I'm respecting Dan's street cred more and more.  I mean, there are people that are tough and people that are mean.  But when you're talking about guys who are mixed up with Slobodan Milosevic?  Whole 'nother level.  So that's that.  Just getting to know my Eastern European friends a little better each day. 

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