Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rush Hour 4 and WD live

Headed over to Subway to eat fresh a little bit today.  To get out of the Pier area on foot, one generally crosses the railroad tracks.  We've all done it.  Usually not very exciting.  When there's a train in the way, you walk like an extra half mile back and then up some stairs and over a bridge.  Apparently, pedestrian traffic isn't a large concern for the governing bodies.  Hence my moonlighting as a stunt man today.

So I started the walk to the railroad tracks singing Rockin Robin like on 'Stand By Me' and met with a barely moving train.  I spied a car with steps up and down each side.  I looked back at the bridge.  And I hopped on the car thinking I was gonna cross it and jump off the train.  Then I thought better of it.  I figured a long walk for sure wouldn't hurt me and if I got hurt pulling a stunt like that I'd never hear the end of it.  At my funeral, if anyone even came, they'd be saying, 'He finally did it.  He finally tried to pull a boxcar Willy and live on the trains and look where it got him.  Such a waste.  Where's the bar?'  So I jumped off the same way I came and left the train behind me.

And I began my trek clear to the other side of the pier and started climbing the stairs after negotiating the chain barrier.  Just when I started condemning the lackluster security, I saw the barb wire gate locked shut before me.  I don't know what got into me, because I knew the train would move sooner or later, but I climbed the barbed wire fence.  I even took off my hoodie, doubled it over and covered the barbs with it.  I saw that in a movie once.  Except that guy had a leather jacket.  It worked, but the hoodie got snagged when I pulled it off from the other side. 

So I'm home free, right?  Wrong.  I walk to the top of the bridge and find another more imposing barbed wire fence.  And this one is right in the middle of the bridge's traffic, so I don't really want to be screwing around there for everyone to see.  but there is a concrete causeway to my right that is just about reachable if I climb the fence to the barbed wire, then side step to the columned guard rail.  There is no opportune walkway on the other side, so I have to do it when there is no traffic.  I estimated the time it would take to climb the wall and checked the traffic.  I saw a break and started climbing.  Somehow I got over the thing without undressing myself and walked down the bridge.  I was sweating.

So that was exciting.  Felt like I was on a covert op at the docks.  Really just wanted a sandwich before work started.

And in another development Joe Rodgers, rocketed himself to the very top of the food chain.  He went and bought this thing that's called WD live?  I think?  Well it's a device that plays digital files like a Tivo player.  And he has a freaking terabyte of crap on it.  Took fifteen and some change hours to transfer the files to it.  And now there is mucho programming.  Bravo Joe.  Stand up, my friend.  And I'm teaching Joe how to play the piano.  No charge.  Because  basically I like the guy, we're here, and I love it when I see the lightbulb go off in people's head when they get it.  He's a very smart guy and picks things up fast.

Like so many other days, today is a good day.  I am glad to be alive.  Still.  Living in my moments and not worrying about a thing.  Because every little thing is gonna be alright.  And not a stitch of progress on the movie.  You can't force the creative process.  

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