Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rise and shine

Remember that movie, "My Cousin Vinny"?  With the super and the karate kid and my absolute WIFE Marissa Tomei-Watts?  Remember the train?  When he was sleeping and the train came by at 5 am or whenever it was?  That happened to me this morning.

Apparently, Indian reservation water is hard.  And there is a water softener.  In my room.  At 5.30 am I woke up to the loudest hissing, destructive sounding racket ever.  I seriously rolled off the bed and took cover.  I thought for sure either the Russians were finally coming or the hot water heater was gonna spontaneously combust.  Or the spirit world was mad at me. 

This wasn't like a short lived little snake hiss.  This was a primordial, birth of the earth, Satan's demons coming to take over the world sustained 'I'm not going anywhere' hiss.  Now that it's past eleven, it's gone.  Guess the legions are mounted for battle.  So ya.  Got a sweet wakeup call from the water softener.  And the kids had a screaming competition for a smooooooth half hour.  Being the rookie that I am with kids, I asked, "all screamed out?".  Ya.  Mistake.  Round two.  No one has any right, ever, to question the way a parent treats a child.  Before you get all bold in McDonald's when mom is literally screaming in the face at her toddler, take a step back and just assume there's a reason.  Everyone has a breaking point.

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