Sunday, January 1, 2012

In the drink

The neighbors across the way are wacky Canadiens, eh?  They convinced my cousin that they needed to get 'oot' into the water on New Years.  They weren't gonna convince me.  There is little or no convincing apart from monetary gain that a Canadien could put on me to jump in, or wade out into the frigid water.

I do a lot of stupid things, but there is usually a reason.  I do not do stupid things just to be tough.  So, when they waded out into the water at 10.30 this morning, I volunteered to babysit the 2 year old.  With no shame.  At all.  Everyone clambered out of the water with teeth chattering.  I felt a mild chill.  Pfft.

Anyway, the wacky Canadiens (who are awesome peeps BTW) came by afterward to warm by the fire, drink Irish coffee, and tell snow anecdotes.  Little Preston started running his mouth about jumping off the dock into the drink.  He went farther out than his older brother the first time around, so he felt strong.  So he came out with life jacket, goggles, and his ever present gap in his front teeth.

Not really him.  Whatever
He walked down the dock, carrying on with his charade.He didn't realize he was past the point of no return.  He was.  He went down and started waffling.  Dad tossed him in.  He bobbed to the surface and looked unhappy..  I felt bad for him.  So I kicked off my shoes, popped the top, and jumped in.  Hit a pretty nice preacher too.  Splashed everything around.  And then I tread water for a little bit.  We were using a temporary ladder that was perfect for Preston, but not quite up to the task of getting me out of the drink.  So I'm politely treading, waiting for a little help.  Finally, "hey, can someone steady the ladder?  I'm getting a little chilly."  I got a couple vacant stares.  Finally, Shelli and Rich, after tending to Preston who was still a bit shaken up stood on the end of the ladder.  While looking the other way.  And out I came.

Let me tell ya.  It was cold.  Not cold enough to be completely idiotic, but cold enough to be a silly thing to do.  And after I got out with no towels or anything and just trudged back to the house, it dawned on me that Preston probably didn't realize I was backing him up.  That I did what I really didn't want to do so he wouldn't be alone.  I do stupid things all the time.  But rarely for no reason.

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