Friday, December 23, 2011

Strange coincidence

I've posted about being the Road Warrior previously, so I'm not gonna get into it again.  It's recommended reading, in case you missed it.  The point here, is that the day after I announced to the world that I was going on the craziest adventure yet, Jeremy put this picture on my Facebook wall.  I know this guy doesn't read the blog.  That's a fact.  But however unlikely it seemed that he'd check the portrait, it seemed far less likely that he would nail this to the day.  Welp, he nailed it to the day.  Had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned fishing in the Bering sea and boats but no hoes.  Besides, I knew he would have photo shopped something like this if he had...
Except he would have done it justice and put my face on it.  I'll switch it out when he inevitably does.  The larger issue here is that despite the odds of this coincidence happening, Jeremy knows I'm a road warrior.  He probably tried to call me but my cell went straight to voicemail because I'm in an arctic wasteland.  Homie knew something was up, so he sent out the road warrior signal.  Basic math there.  And here we are.  Got a fish on the line, ship's ahoy, and yo ho ho and a bottle of rum sucka!

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