Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That's better

I don't know how long that took.  But my guess is about thirty minutes.  Went from feeling a little down and out of sorts to my old self again.  Sometimes these things happen.  If ever I'm a famous manic depressive this little episode will be a case study.  You know what else would make me feel better?  If the sound card or whatever infernal technological doohickery it is that makes a computer compute sound and play it coherently worked and I could listen to this coconut head marvel me with his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  If you haven't heard it, listen to it.  Stat.  If you have heard it, then I know you're gonna listen to it again.

You know, I kinda feel bad for calling him a coconut head.  But I think I'd feel worse if I edited it out.  So hopefully the more sensitive among you will take it in stride.  I mean, I'm a rock head and 99% are taking a coconut over a rock any day.  So it's not really an insult, right?  And whatever his coconut is made out of, he has a heart of gold and the voice of...Oh I don't know...A cross between Jesus and Fergie?

You know, I kinda feel bad about that F bomb I dropped in that last post too.  But I gotta tell you, this cold is kinda wearing on me.  I don't like being cold.  Even when I'm warm, I feel cold.  And I can't even listen to Eddie Murphy Party all the Time because of the computer.  Nor can I listen to the final countdown or Rebel Yell-acoustic version of course.  And now that I'm thinking about it, I wanna hear Everybody Plays the Fool by The Main Ingredient.  Well guess what?  Surprise surprise...

You're welcome.  But I still can't listen to it.

And on a candid note, can I share something without being judged?  I used to judge my dad harshly when he'd look at younger women.  I'd be like, "come on man!  Get it together!"  Welp.  I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping today.  And when I say I went to do some Christmas shopping, I mean I went along for the ride to do some shopping with someone else.  I managed to dig up a couple hot wheels for the kids.  Anyway, now that I'm a washed up old guy, I noticed that the line between teenage and adulthood is blurred.  I mean, it's aggressively blurred, like trying to read an eye chart under water with no goggles.  So, sorry pops for being so judgmental. Well, not totally sorry.  I think you had some of the McNasty days living a little too prevalently till the end.  But I do understand somewhat.  And when I say somewhat, I mean I totally understand.

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