Monday, December 26, 2011

And I'm spent

That's the bloody pickle that the kid whittled on Bad Santa.  Maybe literal blood didn't end up on my home made gifts, but figurative blood did.  Up here in the north, my only currency is hastily concocted art gimmicks and words.  Some of the words had good effect.  This isn't to say that any of it was disingenuous, but it was art and words all the same.  I've been hanging with the seven year old since I've been here.  I'm turning into one.  I made a card for Shelli with a picture of a tree, a flower and three snow flakes.  I was like, "The tree is Rich, the flower is you, and the snowflakes are Preston, Kendall, and Trevor,"  Wow.

Oh, and I was talking to a 'guy'.  It came up that caffeine was banned in NCAA.  Then it came up that I took ephedrine before playing.  He said, "That stuff is no good for you.  I used to make ephedrine."  Me, "Huh?  You used to make ephedrine?  o Oooooh.  I got it."

Let me introduce you to John.  Zinga linga ding dong!

And if you still don't get it, he said that if it weren't for his faculty with the law, he'd still be locked up.  Do the math.

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