Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Po flo Jones meets sweet seduction Jenkins

Po flo Jones is JC, my room mate/band mate.  Sweet seduction Jenkins is me.  Tonight was our first rehearsal, or more accurately, the first rehearsal in which I was involved.  It went pretty well.  I'm hesitant to dole out outrageous compliments to musicians.  This is because my parents were professional musicians and I've been around and played with some of the better people from around town.  I'm not talking about the world class, but the good, journeyman class that has a lot of experience.  And they, those like my parents and those they played with are quite good.  There really isn't a comparison in terms of musical knowledge when talking about a band that's getting together with basic guys relative to professionals who played 8 hours a day for years.

However, a talented group with good taste and chemistry can play songs that they can manage very well.  This is what happened tonight.  We played JC's songs.  They sounded good.  It actually sounded a lot better than I thought it would.  If the band stays together with the group that was there tonight, it should be fun and has some potential.

If I can break it down, it goes like this:  JC is on that po flo tip.  Kinda folksy and heartfelt songs.  Pretty changes that aren't overly complex.  My background is a little more on the R&B end of things.  Tonight, the two styles collided with peanut butter and chocolate like results.  Just a good match that sold the best elements of both styles.  I was busting out seduction at it's most seductive, basically annihilating the chords.  Oh, and there were a few solos in there too with a couple no look plunks.  Seduction.

To tell the truth, I was a little relaxed about the whole affair.  We had music in front of us.  Pfft.  I basically just played seduction when I knew what we were doing.  In the times I didn't, I just dropped out like it was part of the song.  So, we'll see where it goes.  The meat head pianist was playing some piano.  I don't really care what you think, that piano was a victim of seduction.  And the folksy genre lost it's innocence.  It's hella funny that I named my style seduction.  I'd be like, "was that too much seduction?"  "Oh no man.  That's just right."  Apparently seduction is now a musical genre.  And when it's sweet seduction Jenkins, that basically means drinks are optional guys.  You can rest assured that the women in ear shot are basically helpless.  Someone's gotta do it.  We are going to record some stuff sometime soon, and maybe I'll put it up so you can be seduced.  Maybe you're introverted and you need to test it out by yourself to gauge your reaction.  It's dangerous to just break out an unknown quantity like SS Jenkins.  So, "play this record as frequently as possible.  Then, as it becomes easier for you, play the record once a day, or as needed", and it feels good.  Ya.


Peter Anderson said...

"It's dangerous to just break out an unknown quantity like SS Jenkins". LOLz

Cwatts said...

Safety first, I always say.

David Fernandes Jr. said...

You guys need to get some youtube action cookin. Maybe record a sesh on the computer or something. I gotta hear this musical cocktail yall have concoted. Hahahaha! JC and Dubb. Who woulda thunk it. Just a match made in heaven. Im feelin more po flo just knowing this tandem exists.

Cwatts said...

Oh, it exists alright. It exists with authority. I think we are gonna start recording rehearsals, but Jc wants everything to be perfect before it's put out there. If I get the bootleg copy though, I'll release it. Cause Jenkins doesn't sweat the details, he just goes on a search and destroy seduction mission. Simple as that.

David Fernandes Jr. said...

Can you show some love for the upper room bro? wtf? that was for you.