Thursday, March 17, 2011

Billy Dee Williams

Apparently that was not all.  But, since I said "that is all" and like the concise message of it (I'm talking about the Falcor tattoo below), it's time for another post, equally deserving of it's own attention.  I'm not gonna lie, I swiped this from another site (click link for more awesome movie tattoos).  I did not create this Billy Dee Williams tattoo, nor put it on my body.  I did find it though.  Awesome.  Yes no?

This is Star Wars Billy Dee, right?  The cape gives it away.  I saw Blackula, and Billy Dee wasn't in it.  I guess the question is, "Where did the Billy Dee Williams' of the world go?"  This guy was just cool as cool gets.  Flowing perm, deep voice, easy smile, and single minded lady-chasi-ness.  Check, check, check, and check.  Fortunately, there's no need for turf wars when it comes to intergalactic cool supremacy.  All time coolest, in my opinion is a toss up between Kirk, Darth, and Billy Dee (I would say Lando, but Lando's only cool because he's Billy Dee).  Each of these singularly dominant cool characters can be carefully qualified to form the inter-galactic cool trifecta.  Coolest white guy?  Kirk.  Coolest black guy?  Billy Dee.  Coolest thing?  Darth.  No problem.

Unfortunately, this level of cool no longer exists.  The delightfully tacky, yet unrefined styles of the 70s and 80s exist only in memory and halloween costumes.  And how did Lando go from some mining in the sky operation to a general in like two scenes?  And what the hell are they mining in the sky?  Air?  Seems like there should be less troublesome ways to get air than build a gravity defying city in the clouds.  These are the questions.

Here's another one that I couldn't sleep on.  No story or questioning of suspect promotions.  Just more 80s dominance.  "Marty!"


David Fernandes Jr. said...

Billy Dee was a pony tail slaying machine. Babes never stood a chance. Just like knocking down a row of dominoes or fainting goats. Just paralysis via coolness. I'm hip.

Cwatts said...

Damn. I should have let you blog this. Pretty much summed it up in five sentences. One of which was two words. And fainting goats.