Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who said nightwatch wasn't fun?

My view
Piano on the bow?  Check.  This may come as a surprise to those of you who know me well.  I bought a piano today.  I know, I know.  I'm sensible and would never spend money on anything I didn't absolutely need.  Two things.  One-I absolutely neeeeeeded a piano.  Two-I am wholly frivolous and spend money on things I don't need all the time.  Judge me or don't.  Fact of the matter is that my sanity is restored.  Well, that might be overstating it a bit, but my insatiable thirst for musical expression is quenched.

If we were to compare this to literal thirst, it's quenched like about 4 ounces of medium cold water out of the tap.  Depending on how thirsty you are, it could make all the difference.  I have been thirsty, and thirsty in that way like when you are walking around the house and see the spigot in the sink and realize you haven't had any water in a while and then have a drink and realize you needed to hydrate.  I didn't understand how bad I needed this until I drank. 

Again, to compare this to literal thirst, the gigantic bottle of refrigerated water would be like a seven foot grand piano on top of the wheel house while the boat was barely making way.  Maybe there'd be fragrant gardenas all around and some jasmine.  And maybe Mila Kunis would be leaning lightly against me as I let my song pour forth.  Something like that would be the whole enchilada.  But, if you'll recall, there was a scene in which I said that if I could have any job on the boat, even if I made it up, it would be as the boat pianist.  And here I am, literally living my dream.  Maybe there's something to that 'secret' stuff after all. 

Here's the scene as it is.  I bought the piano and stand and brought it on the boat.  If having enough money to get the piano out of the store weren't omen enough, then the low tide that made the gangway literally level as I strode onto the boat with this piano was.  It was as if the angels were asking me to play, rolling out the diamond plate carpet for my entrance.  Welp, the only thing to do was put the thing on the bow with the setting sun as my light.  And all the city lights as it goes down.

It just takes a little outside the box thinking to make the best of a situation.  For my next project, there's a whole lot of line and nets on deck.  I bet I could make a commando line and basically turn this place into an amusement park.  It'll be like that southpark when Cartman bought the amusement park and kept it to himself.  I could hang the crane off port and make a sweet rope swing.  Just hang a rope ladder off the side so I can get back on the boat.  Put a catch net on the stern at the end of my commando line so I don't go flying into the cove.  The freezer hold is empty, so I could turn the conveyors into a roller coaster ride if I put my mind to it too.  The possibilities are endless.

Right, none of that is gonna happen.  Actually, I take the security of the boat rather seriously.  I mean, I have some stuff on here that I'd hate to get stolen.  I am fairly confident that without heavy equipment no one is making off with any of the company's stuff.  The only things not locked away or welded on or weighing more than a thousand pounds is garbage.  Just keeping the honest people honest here.

So that's that.  Happy Memorial day weekend to everyone.  I'll just be holding it down here on the boat.  Living the dream, as it were.

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