Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm sure there's a name for it

Ya, so I'm night watch on my first love, the Katie Ann.  I also am playing house, so to speak.  Or, living with her, or on her.  I'm staying on the boat.  It's not a bad gig.  I get full time work and a little over time with my expenses paid.  That is, no rent or food, unless I prefer to eat out over Jaime's culinary abortions over on the Dynasty.  American Seafoods employees are welcome to join the dynasty in what I'm sure amounts to the worse dining experience since Louis and Clark walked coast to coast and ate muskrats and things.

Jaime was the slap dick galley guy on our last season's boating adventure.  His food sucked.  Ricardo's food was outstanding.  Whatever.  The point, if one exists, is that I had to go and score some internet to keep myself occupied for these long work shifts.  And the first thing I do is listen to eighties music.  And older.  I just listened to Tina Turner like she was the mana that keeps my quasi Jew self going.

So I'm looking at these old songs.  Songs, I'm sure I don't need to remind you are the same one's that I listened to when my parents were around.  I'm feeling this crap that I listened to as a toddler.  My cousin Shelley, who by now has disowned me, was listening to them too while she babysat me.  I am stuck in the past in a way that is at least, if not beyond, marginally neurotic.  Even as I grow a beard and have retired from at least one profession, I miss my youth.  Perhaps it is a blessing to have dead beat parents.  For mine were awesome.  And I can't let them go.  They were, without question, my favorite people.  And so I watch antiquated Tina Turner videos and hear my mom talk about how scandelous Tina Turner was in her youth.  I'm a senior citizen, but I'm only thirty.  Bummer.

I'm starting to learn about hard work, however.  And as I learn about it, I find that hard work was never my nemesis.  I have no problem with exertion.  My nemesis is money making.  I just don't go through life with ways to make money on my mind.  I have life on my mind.  Money is part of that, for sure.  I'll do better this time around.  I'm sorry to have been such a disappointment Shelly.  I'll do better.


Anonymous said...

Don't get down man, you can do it Corey!

Cwatts said...

Thank you anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Cory, we are glad to see you are doing well.
Your cousin is far from being disappointed in you.
She loves you and talks about you often.
You needed someone to help guide you and both of us did. She did everything she did because she loves you so much more than you realize.
She surely did not disown you.
I hope you go with the deck job, it will take you farther, Rich

Cwatts said...

Thanks for the kindness and the advise Rich. I am doing well too, by the way. It isn't just hyperbole. I am enjoying myself and it feels good to work hard in a place that I can ascend. I think you're right about getting on deck. Not that I have a new job in the bag or anything, but the QC thing would offer more of a short term increase. On deck and getting sea time will take me farther on a boat. And I like it outside. Strangely, I also like the freezer hold. I'll be sure to let you know what I do. And I sincerely thank you for everything, including introducing me to the boat. Happy father's day to you sir.