Monday, March 5, 2012

Groundhog day

Eeeyep.  It's groundhog day over here.  Woke up sometime previous to now-I'm really not sure what day it was-and looked at the clock.  It said 2.30.  I had no clue whether it was am or pm.  I never have any idea what day it is.  Ever.  When we're working, I crave a couple hours of sleep.  When we are on standby, I just want to be working if for no other reason than to be doing something.  The bunks are kinda tight.  So, there isn't much to do in the room besides sleep.  Oh, that and my night light thinks it's the seventies still and strobes irregularly.

Standby is a fishing tradition as old as the hook.  You put nets down and no fish come up.  No fish to process.  Ergo, standby.  I'm standing by.  I should be sleeping.  I'm not sleeping because every night I have freaky deeky fish dreams that wake me up.  Some night previous to tonight I was dreaming that we were still doing offload and chucked the stuff on my bunk over the side, including my pillow.  Fortunately it did not include the ipod I'm using that belongs to my freezer princess.  Such is life on the Katie Ann. 

I was sucked into a conversation about kid's names the other day in the freezer.  I won't elaborate on who I was supposed to be having this kid with, but the conversation came up.  "What do you want to name your kids?"  A string sideways glance from me.  "No, really.  You're gonna have to think about it someday.  May as well be now."  I mentioned that I would someday have to consider which doctor to see for my prostate exams too.  The logic didn't stick.  I said, "I like Xerxes."  Other person asked me to be serious.  I said I don't know and wasn't worried about it.  She said, "What if it's a girl?"  I said, "If I have a girl, she'll be obese by the time she's twelve and will have the most beat name in the history of namedom.  Brunhildha."  She said, "Be serious."  I said, "Katie Ann."  She actually liked it.

See?   That was a trick response.  I elaborated, "If a child of mine were conceived on this boat, rendering a name like Katie Ann applicable, then you'll be on your own with it anyway."  Fortunately, Ice queen laughed.  But seriously. 

I gotta check myself before I turn into a zombie.  I can feel the bite's effects starting to wear on me.  It's latent right now, but could turn my eyes opaque and skin chalky at any time.  Gotta be heads up.  It's like I always say, 'If you're going on a fishing boat, you gotta look out for the zombie change over.'  Really, I say that.

The food is good though.  Actually, bomb food is like clockwork around here. I think I'm gonna do the Katie Ann body makeover though.  I've tightened it up a bit since being here.  May as well ratchet it down.  They have cookies out every night though.  And other things.  And orange drink.  Lots and lots of orange drink.  I'm out of party time too.  I need some more party time.  \m/