Monday, March 19, 2012

Another one bites the dust

So my Ice angel is out.  Don't know what happened to her.  I'm sure I'll learn more later.  Bottom line is that another freezer rat in training is down.  Let's give her a moment of silence.  I'll strike any incorrect comments from the record, but for now the working assumption is that she had some type of ailment.  The little guy, 'Black Ice' isn't gonna be far behind her.  I suspect his motivation for being down there may have been partially dictated by her presence.  If the one eyed man is king in the world of the blind, then My freezer Queen is queen.  Get it?  No girls running around.

Fortunately for me, the replacement is my number two choice.  Dominick is a cute Polack who likes marlboros and chatty entrances.  He might be my number two choice for who gets it on the boat.  Don't cry Dominick.  Man up.

Speaking of biting the dust, I saw my job flash before my eyes today.  A mechanical voice echoed through the factory with information.  It uttered, " today, we have three catcher boats with full bags...".  After being on standby a full week, I was legitimately surprised.  And excited.  I responded to the voice, "shut the fuck up," with the upword inflection that so clearly marks an ironic statement.  Ya.  Well it turns out it's a two way radio and that was the captain speaking.  Yikes.  I'm still not sure whether to let it die or say sorry.  I for sure wasn't talking to him.  Had to have sounded like that to him though.  No fewer than three people looked at me and said he could hear that.  Ouch.

If I have a guardian angel, I know he's like a Cubs fan.  You know, just rooting for me and all pumped that I'm doing a good job, and then the season collapses, or for the purposes of the metaphor, I say something exceedingly stupid.  I mean, it happens every day.  But not to the captain.  Clean it up Watts.

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