Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chewch and re-case

I mentioned that I was working on some home made dip because I am out.  I bought a pack of smokes and cannibalized a half dozen.  Put them into a zip lock and added maple syrup.  Then I let it percolate.  Apparently, I'm a bit edgy when I'm out of dip.  I flashed on the ice wench today with authority.  It was ugly.  Which brings me to my next point...recase.

In the freezer, when we geta bag that's overly sloppy and the fish are hanging out of it, it's called a re-case.  I made the leap one day to call myself re-case.  I was just being funny.  And I might have said something about the Ice angel's callipygous state.  And that it hangs out everywhere sometimes.  But in a totally good way.

There is one other on the boat.  Just came through looking sloppy as all hell and I was like look at that re-case.  It stuck.  Well re-case has been bothering me a bit.  I don't hold grudges but someone is just on it.  A bit under my skin.  I don't say mean things about people though so I'll leave it at that.  It's a dog fight.  And my flash on Ice Angel was blue ribbon.  I said sorry.  Hope it worked.


Anonymous said...

Don't run out of chew or cigs.
And stay to the end.
You will excell on this vessel or one of the better ones in due time.
Some need you to succeed , I want you to.
Call me when you get time.

Cwatts said...

Rich I'm so glad to hear from you man. I've been meaning to email or facebook Shelley to correspond. I left a comment about what a stud Preston looked like in that picture and got nothing. I'm not quitting or anything. It's actually not too bad. I sincerely thank you for turning me on to this. I will call when I can. Probably at the end of the season. Dinner is on me when I get back.