Sunday, March 25, 2012

And she spit the dust back up

I said the freezer wench bit the dust.  And she did.  But apparently she spit it back up again and is back in the hold with me.  I'm not gonna lie about it.  I was glad to see her back.  Her replacement was a freezer hold cyborg with perfection in his programming.  Dominick came through like that kid in South Park who replaced Kenny when they were working on the Guitar Hero world record, just obliterating the Ice Godess' productivity.  But it wasn't the same.  Something about teaming up with her is endearing and makes the time go by faster.

I don't want to sell her short and suggest in any way that her being the only female on the boat makes it more fun to be around her.  But her being the only viable female on the boat 100% makes it more fun to be around her for half my workday.  I find myself being concerned for her way more than I would a man.  If she's struggling, for instance, I have no problem picking up the slack.  When dudes are in there I don't have muchof a problem picking up the slack, but kinda wonder what their problem is.  Call me sexist if you want, but the fact remains.

I have an irrational attachment to the freezer wench.  She was sad today.  It made me sad.  Even still, I'm glad to have her back.  The boat is a strange place.  In reality, the freezer wench and I would not be in the same room.  Ever.  We would not be engaged in anything resembling teamwork or even a conversation.  Yet, on this boat I count myself lucky to have her company.  I hope she isn't as sad tomorrow.  Then I'll not be as sad tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

If she is sad you don't let it make you sad. Try making her happy instead of her doing the opposite to you!

Cwatts said...

I usually do anonymous. But sometimes you have to respect a person's need to be sad. This was one of those times.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and sometimes people need to be kicked in the face Bruce Lee style......and you can't just run around doing that now can you?