Saturday, March 17, 2012

All stars and poop hands

I'll be brief.  Apparently, the Muslims wipe their asswith their bare hands.  I noticed theseguys walking into the bathroom with paper cups of water.  Taking  your drink into the bathroom at a club makes sense and happens a lot.  No one is gonna steal a paper cup of water though.   So, the question was, 'WTF?'.  Ya, that's what they use for their booty.  Just a little hand wipe and some splash or something.

So personal hygeine is a personal choice blah blah blah.  The seats are often wet and sometimes have doo doo on them.  The toilets are infrequently flushed.  Sometimes there is actually shit on the walls.  What kind of savagery is this?  And it's supposed to be clean?   Like religious cleanliness?  Can't eat any pig or snap one off, but hand ass wiping is cool?

One of the guys got into an argument withme about it because I asked what their program was.  He was like "what did they do before toilet paper?"  I said, "they didn't go send text messages on cell phones and shit.  People used to eat meat raw too.  We're on a boat with running water, fire, and toilet paper."  Bad argument.  But thanks for comparing these habits to the prehistoric savagery that I take itto be.  All star weekend!  Happy St. Paddy's.  I hope Kevin O'Hara is still alive.

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