Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Throwing the interpretive dance back 50 years

My sister sent me this and said I should check it out.  I don't know if I'm supposed to find it creative?  Funny?  Motivating in an anti-drug kinda way?  Dude looks like he's pulled the rip chord on an interpretive dance of a meth head on heroin impersonating a sprinkler while in a straight jacket.  I guess after that, I should be impressed.  It's kinda like how Robert Deniro smiles while frowning with a shrug and slight air of exasperation.  It's like an onion.  You know, with layers.

I've never been into Radiohead,  nor did I even know they existed until like '04 when I heard Creep for the first time and thought it was a new song.  I was trying to convince this girl I was diversified in my musical tastes and was like, "Oh ya?  I don't only listen to the O'Jays, I like that new rock song called weirdo by stereoface!"  Uh, ya.  She didn't know what I was talking about until I sang a couple bars, then promptly told me it was Radiohead, and that the song was Creep, and that it came out when she was in middle school.  Whatever.  I just told her I was a weirdo and asked what the hell I was doing there?  That shut her up.

Because I can, here's The video for the big hit I discovered ten years after it came out...

On that note, what's going on with these rock guys and their songs?  It seems like it's always some near emotional breakdown, borderline Chernobyl affair.  I heard this song at work today and the guy was singing "Rape me!"  What kinda program is he working with?  And the list goes on and on.  I'm not knocking it, but people lose their minds listening to this stuff.  And it doesn't really have a beat to get with.  It's not particularly uplifting either.  Just some suicide pact, freaky, masochistic, possible cutter mentality through the airwaves.  No biggie. I'm hip.

After another look, it appears he mixed in some popping corn having a heart attack too.  Cuttin' a rug.


Dev said...

"Whatever. I just told her I was a weirdo and asked what the hell I was doing there? That shut her up."

Love. It.

Cwatts said...

And I love you. I wondered how tough that would be to get. Apparently your keen wit filters the bits better than a sieve.

Jaz said...

Wasn't really feeling the song on the first one, so we (The Kid and I) watched it with no sound. He pretended it was a silent movie and made up dialogue. Or would it be monologue? Maybe voice-over? Anyway...HILARIOUS!

Cwatts said...

Ha! I still haven't heard the song. Anything that makes someone move like that can't be good.