Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jenkins and the rockers

(Not actual photos of band members)

Jesse, the drummer

Mike, lead guitar
The bassist, who needs two pictures...
...Waldo, half Native American, half something else-all bassist
Our fearless leader, vocalist, and po flo guitarist, Jc

And last, but not least, also in need of two pictures is the oppressed Jew pianist..., also known in my youth as Bam Bam

I'm so happy to introduce you all to the band.  Apparently, we are keeping things close to the vest.  There will, unfortunately, be no posting of the songs we've recorded.  So, if you want the bootleg version, you're gonna have to contact me directly through email or phone or something not public.  I can say, once again, that I'm very pleasantly surprised by the project.  Jc and I listened to the first recording of one of our rehearsals last night.  He was tickled, or fired up, or whatever term describes a guy who can barely keep his junk in his pants because he's so excited.  It seemed like he was a little taken aback by how good the music sounded.  I wasn't, because I could hear it at rehearsal and it sounded good.  

I will say that I'm pleased with where we are, especially for this stage in the game.  We recorded on our third rehearsal.  Three of the tunes, we'd practiced once before and two we just went through on the spot and rolled tape.  My opinion is that because the natural sound is good, with the mix of different styles and backgrounds of the respective musicians, we can anticipate a good fusion on any of the tunes we do.  Listening to the recording, I need to get a different tone on my piano, but the parts I'm playing are good.  Jc's singing is very good, and as he says, his voice is "unique" and "easily recognizable".  I agree.  The drummer is pretty funky for a cracker rocker guy.  He's actually pretty funky for anyone.  Our bassist is half Native American with a pony tail.  Nuff said.  But if that weren't enough, he's funky too.  Our rocker lead guitarist is sick too.  And he looks like a rock star.

I'm pretty excited about the project.  My taste in music is different from the guys in the band mostly and definitely different from the people we will be playing for.  My suspicion, however, is that this sound is solid and will appeal to different types of music lovers.  And the group is solid.  I'd be crushed if we lost any of the guys who are part of the band now.  It's just a good group who I could see myself spending a lot of time with without getting tired of any of them.  If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about the potential of this project and think the fusion style could appeal to many different people.  It appeals to me.


Peter Anderson said...

looking forward to the first lp getting dropped. send me a cut, bam bam.

Jaz said...

I want a cut, too, Bam Bam. :)

Cwatts said...

Ok, ok. I knew I should have included a more flattering alter-ego or doppleganger or whatever you call it. JK, Bam Bam Bigelow is about right on. I told you freaks that you couldn't ask me publicly. I'll get kicked out of the band.
And Jaz, I don't know what kind of cross-over appeal this has. I mean, it's not Journey, after all.

Jaz said...

My tastes are eclectic, Mr. Bigelow.

Cwatts said...

I figured that when you said out loud that "you wanna know what love is, and you think I can show you". Did I say that in a public forum? My bad. Email me and we can talk. I may have something for your eclectic tastes.