Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm in a mariachi band dude

I just deleted some negative flow gibberish that would make a Greek tragedy seem like Talladega Nights.  So it's up up and away with some po flo and good news.  I just joined a mariachi band.  Now, I know what you're thinking; "Oh, of course.  In Fresno, it was only a matter of time."  Not true my friends.  As fate's stupendous irony would have it, I came back to Sacramento for this.  Just a beautiful slice of life's funny quirks.  If you're scratching your head, the Fresno experience has come and gone.  Good riddance.

Unfortunately, the band is tearing apart at the seams.  The bassist was too funky and I was too seductive.  And too funky.  For some reason, even though we turned folky stuff into something else like the BBQ turned the raw cow into a burger, it couldn't last.  In truth, no one got run off, allegedly.  I'm just having trouble resolving how funky that drummer was with his apparent taste for square music.  Such is life.

So, I got the set list from this new group, who you may have heard about in "Everything from James Brown to Santana".  Just to reiterate, one of the guys played guitar with my parents back in the day and another of the guys played with that band "Sly and the Family Stone".  There is authoritative street cred here.  Maybe too much.  Junior gave me three cd's, each with around 20 songs.  "These are the tunes.  We play again on Friday."  Is that how these guys roll?  I'll snake it till I make it for sure, but that seemed like a lot.  Especially after hearing some of the songs...

It's not really mariachi, but there are about a quarter Mexican songs.  And they sound great.  I'd love to learn how to play them.  But real talk?  I can't hear what they're doing for the life of me.  It's like the music is in Spanish too.  "Hey mayne, play aye mayor."  Maybe that would help?  Anyway, that's a portion of songs that someone is gonna have to help with.

Anyway, the band has some sick musicians and gigs lined up all over the place.  There's even talk of Europe.  So, when the shows get going for me, I'll for sure disclose the time and place, maybe post some stuff.  I'm gonna tell you now that this will be sweet seduction of an unprecedented level.  Junior is seduction on the guitar.  If we'd have laid track when he came and jammed with me and Tor, it would be platinum by now.  Easily.  His daughter is the singer.  Never heard her, but if June says she's got it, she's got it.  Bam!

Note- Yes this is on the set list and if you don't like this I can't help you.  Seriously, If this doesn't make you want to move to Puerto Rico and swoop up a latina lover, then you just have problems.  And I was listening to this after posting and it quite playing for a second...And I almost had a Mac frisbee on my hands.  Literally, the interruption was the worse thing, including but not limited to a meteor through the roof on my head, that could have happened.  Just thought I'd share that.  Oh, and this isn't what I meant by Mexican music.  This isn't even Mexican.  We got some stuff I couldn't find on youtube.  Blow your mind man.  I'm done.


Dev said...

I really hate that song. Just sayin...

Cwatts said...

Damn. As I said in the blog Dev, if this doesn't make you want to go to Puerto Rico and swoop up a latina lover, then I can't help you. Hate? Really? That's a strong sentiment to have toward a song. Especially something as sexy as this. We still friends though. ;)

(I couldn't get it to do the rotation like in our chats)