Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unto the breach has new meaning

I said we were going once more unto the blah blah blah the other day with optimism and positivity or whatever.  Ya, well I'm feeling like I'm literally into the breach.  Like, gunpowder on one side and a ballistic future straight ahead.  I'm sure some of it is the fact that I've worked  something like 45 housrs with 9 hours of sleep in the last three days.  And some of it is sympathetic breahiness feeling.

I look around and people are going apeshit.  Just mayhem and chaos everywhere you look.  And we haven't even started on the Haik yet.  Haik is a volume fish.  Just keep it coming like Ketih Sweat.  The oiler just told me he worked a twenty hour shift.  I know the Chief worked at least a twenty and is probably gonna work a twenty every day we are at sea.  Poor guy.  The deck guys have been at it for a while.  For the first time since being on the boat, I feel like the Daffodil. Working in the freezer, I usually scoff at everyone else like they have it easy and feel all macho and whatnot.  Naw.  I'm feeling a little like a Daffodil.

I went back into the freezer hold yesterday with a few new guys to get a couple things done.  I went in in street clothes because it was only minus 15 C or so.  They got cold a few times and looked like they weren't enjoying themselves too much.  But they never complained.  In fact, they did an excellent job.  One of the guys was from Sacramento, North Side.  His name is Cione.  I can't even profile himby race.  But he has a pretty strong 'fro.  And an effing sweet ski mask.  I was down there with a tall thin white guy with a sock, or neck/head covering with just his face poking out, looking like a Swiss Police Officer and a damn menace to society with a ski mask looking like he was gonna rob me for fiber and straps.  I probably just looked like an a hole, but the factory manager did say I was cute.  This already?

We moved fiber, which is what we call the bags that the fishies go in, for about six hours.   I'm not gonna lie.  I was a bit spent.  I got soft on night watch.  I need a training montage stat, you know, to get the strength up.  I did start singing Rocky theme songs a little bit yesterday.  It wasn't the same without Ice Wench or Zac.  We did get 'I Believe I Can Fly' in.  As a group.  Yay. 

The freezer did feel like home though.  I was glad to be back.  The new crew is strong and seemingly ready.  Hopefully able.  But I do miss some of the friends of last season.  This abusive girlfriend, Katie Ann, just has me longing for her and even her worse characteristics.  I'd seriously be happy to see Ayane and Naptime's lackluster faces.  Ya, well, it's hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

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