Sunday, July 1, 2012

Surf's up pal

Just watched 'The Last Boy Scout".  I know this wasn't the 80's-it was 91-but it's in the spirit of those 80's films.  80's movies have been on my mind lately.  Every time I watch a modern movie I find myself picking it apart for all the ways it doesn't stack up to the cocaine induced 80's brilliance.  And some of this applies to the 90's as well.  It's not like as soon as 1990 hit Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' campaign started working.  It kinda just slowly became too PC to make awesomeness somewhere along the way.

I know I sound like an old man, reflecting on when a loaf of bread was only 99 cents.  And in another twenty years I'll probably be longing for the days of Vin Diesel because movies will have sunk to such a level as to make him seem like the good ol' days.  Just like my dad, loving Laurel and Hardy and Cary Grant.  But he also liked Mel Gibson and Lethal Weapon.  And we loooooved Looney Tunes.  If you don't like Bugs Bunny, I can't help you.

But ya, we see it in Pop culture everywhere.  Back in the 90's, I thought 'Man, this music huh?  Wish they made em like they used to...'  And now I listen to music from the 90's with fondness.  In twenty years we'll be like, "remember Gaga?  She was something special."  And "What happened to Justin Beiber?  He was such a handsome young man" etc.  I understand that looking backward things seem to gain some appeal.

But the movie thing is an objective fact.  Notice all the remakes they're trying to do?  Colin Farrell as Quaid in 'Total Recall'?  Come on now.  And there are others, but I don't want to get into it.  The bottom line is people were more creative in the 80's.  And 90's.  And 70's.  And 60's.  You could keep going back to Shakespeare and the original Beowolf and even the Odyssey.  It's like the well has run dry or something.

Two things need to happen.  One is cop partner movies.  You really can't go wrong with the police commissioner screaming "I got the Mayor climbing up my ass!".  Once that happens, everyone is happy.  And the second is kids doing cool stuff.  What happened to that?  You know, kids running away from home looking for dead bodies, or killing vampires, or repelling Russian attacks.  That's a good start for Hollywood there.  Cop buddies and kids, Hollywood.  You're welcome.

It's a good thing I'm making a movie to get these guys in line.  I hadn't thought about doing an 80s tribute or throwback.  But maybe I will.  Just like 'Slapstick' at sea.  I don't know.

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