Monday, October 17, 2011

Allahu Akbar

Ya so my car broke a few weeks ago.  We're ofer two with the foreign cars so far.  Anyway, I begged, borrowed, and begged some more to get an advance so I could fix the thing.  Welp, the ol' mechanic, Elvis, who is Mexican (I know, it's freaking awesome) gave me the good news, "jor car?  Eez new wadur pu-ump.  Buh joo have a know ther prolem?"  Head gasket.  Ya.  Sweet.  I drove it off, with a new water pump because everyone knows I can't pay for a head gasket repair.  And it broke down at a mosque in the back hills of Orangevale or something.  So...hopefully it won't explode when I go to get it.  Or, maybe hopefully it will.  My bad, that was insensitive.  I'm getting close here.  Getting close.  Don't push.

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