Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie Review

Trust me when I tell you that the three minute trailer is the best part of this movie.  Nearly horrendous, but certainly a train wreck.   Looked cool and sounded nice, but on the whole made no sense.  I got a little bit weak a few times, admittedly, but found myself cringing and wincing mostly as I took in what amounted to a disjointed dream I had after watching the cartoon when I was little, just going from topic to topic and explosions and flying stuff and girls and space things...Actually, that sounded kinda cool.  It wasn't that cool.

Now that I've been talking about it for a minute, it may be more like child birth, where you do it and it sucks, but after having done it, you're better off?  I don't know.  What I do know is that I am the least snooty person when it comes to movies and will watch mindless macho crap with the best of them.  In this case, not so.  Maybe I'll watch it again in 3-d.  After all, I am the same guy who made a snowball without gloves like four times before I figured out I didn't like my hands being frozen.  It might take a couple viewings of Transformers to figure out that I don't like...Whatever the fuck that was.

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Peter Anderson said...

i see you have "funny", "interesting", and "cool" as options for me to check. can i get some more?